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» Welcome to CT Group Pty Ltd

CT Group Pty Ltd provides value added services to customers in Australia, with a great range of services, including:

- general IT system support, including on-site or remote maintenance
- system analyst and system automation services
- new computer systems
- computer repair services
- web hosting and domain name registration services
- general IT supplies and software sales

We are also maintaining our support pages with information collected from over twenty years in the computer industry, along with our many resources on our links pages.


» Windows 10 has been released, and it can be yours free

At CT Group we've had a lot of questions about Windows 10, so here is a quick summary of our recommendations.

We've run the upgrade quite a few times and only have a problem in a corporate environment on one PC. The good news is that during this installation failure the Windows 10 installation rolled back the upgrade to Windows 8.1 successfully and left the computer in exactly the same conditions as before the upgrade attempt.

The only other issue we've found is on notebook PCs, which have sometimes required the removal of the Intel Wireless Manager software. If you have problems with your wireless network connection then removing this software should resolve the problem. This can be done after the upgrade.

A couple of people that contacted us had issues in the first couple of weeks while hardware suppliers were catching up with driver software, but these are all available via Windows Update now, so that an update after the upgrade should resolve all the issues.

We do recommend the upgrade. For people running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 it is an anticipated upgrade that resolves the failings of these Windows releases. For Windows 7 users it is a relatively comfortable upgrade that will maintain your existing applications and will bring you up to date with Microsoft's latest security enhancements. From 2016 onwards running Windows 7 will represent an increased security risk.

Overall, it is an upgrade well worth the installations and Microsoft makes this the easiest Windows upgrade to boot (pun intended). Those using 'assistive technologies' can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free.