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For your benefit, and our own, we have kept a record of some of the tougher issues that we have had to solve over the years. Have a look at the index here for problems that you may need a solution to.

Windows issues

Audio CDs won't play in your CD or DVD drive

Automatically Close Unresponsive Programs

Changing the keyboard layout at the Windows logon screen

Enable the Registry Editor if disabled by spyware

Disable Automatic Network resource connections

Hiding a workstation from others on a network

MYOB - Something's wrong with MYOB

Remote Desktop custom port

Remotely disable the Windows Firewall

Wake On Lan

Windows Server 2012 prompts for a restart when installing WSUS or RDS


Adding fonts in Ubuntu

Linking a domain name to your dynamic IP address in Ubuntu

Useful command line tools

Ubuntu Administration Guide for Windows NT Admins

Use Ubuntu to relay mail to a Google Apps smart host

Advanced notes

Dvorak keyboard use

VBScript - Pinging multiple IP addresses

VBScript - a handy Quick Reference from Microsoft

Redirecting URLs using .htaccess


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